New Patient Testimonial

My daughter Heather is 6 years old and suffers from mild cerebral palsy and spina bifida. When Heather was younger she spent a lot of time in Crumlin Children’s Hospital and was told by the leading Orthopaedic Surgeons that because her spine was so badly curved she would have problems walking and may not even be able to go to the bathroom by herself.

When Heather was 3 years old, I started taking her to Ian Wright at Clonmel Osteopaths and I can hands down say he has made a huge difference to Heather’s quality of life. Not only is she using the bathroom by herself but she is also doing Taekwondo and loves it!!  Heather personally thinks Ian is amazing and refers to him affectionately as Tiddle Hands. Even Heather’s big sister has benefited from Ian’s great work, as he has helped to ease her severe migraines.

Thank you to Ian, the staff at Clonmel Osteopaths and the Daisy Clinic.