Osteopathy and ASD

ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) seems to be diagnosed with increasing frequency. The causes of ASD are still quite unclear, but it seems that there is a problem which affects the immune system, in turn affecting neural development, often with an overgrowth of white matter in the brain.

Its causes are unclear and probably multi-factoral.

In some cases a Gluten/Casein-Free Diet can be helpful. In other cases other nutritional support can be of help.

ASD sufferers can sometimes be shut down, that is, they can be disconnected from social engagement and often cannot hold any form of eye contact let alone speak. Others have more minor problems and can communicate if required.

There is a huge range to the difficulties which is why the term has been changed from Autism to Autistic Spectrum Disorder, as there are a spectrum of symptoms and difficulties.

Ian Wright has over the last 20 years seen literally hundreds of cases of ASD.

ASD patients’ responses to osteopathy are variable: some really seem to move on, regain eye contact and start to improve communication, others are much slower to respond.

Treatment is aimed at allowing the full potential of health to express itself. There often seems to be a lot of shock in the nervous system and a lack of freedom of motion. Others have markedly sensitized immune systems and are highly reactive to many foods and other elements in their environment.

Treatment is usually long-term, especially if progress seems clear. These children often respond really well to the group environment of the Daisy Clinic. Others find the noise and stimulation too much, so we can also use a private, quiet room to treat them.

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