Osteopathy and Cerebral Palsy

We see many cases of children with Cerebral Palsy. Osteopathy can be helpful in a variety of ways.

Osteopathy looks at the whole body and supports the health of the body as it tries to express itself.

It is always important to see your child as young as possible – the very best is to see them as a tiny baby. At this time the nervous system has a huge degree of plasticity, which means it has the ability to remould itself and form new neural connections. At this time there is the greatest potential for real progress.

Osteopathy is well-placed to help free shock within the nervous system.

Cranial Osteopathy works to try to free the inherent motion within the nervous system, bones and fluid in the skull. The shock of the vascular accident has an affect, not just on the local tissue of the brain, but it also seems to decrease the freedom of motion in the surrounding tissues. Any work that can free this shock could be helpful in the ability of the nervous system to remould and form different neural connections to help the brain overcome the injury.

Osteopathy could also be helpful when the nervous system is irritated and produces fitting or seizures (see Keri’s story).

Osteopathy works well on helping to free tension and spasm in the muscles in the spine and legs and arms.

The gentle fluid techniques could be helpful in supporting immune function and difficulties with the body coping with the sometimes high levels of medication required.

Osteopathic care of children is a long-term process, which is why children with CP often see us at the clinic for many years. We have seen many children since they were tiny babies, to try to help them cope with the various challenges encountered as they grow, with the hope to maximise their potential.

We love the motto – Every child has a success story to live……..

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