Osteopathy and Genetic Conditions

There are such a huge variety of genetic conditions which can have widespread effects on the normal development of the body.

We see children with a wide variety of common and rare conditions.

Osteopathy works to try to release the potential of health in the body.

Its gentle fluid techniques are applied to the nervous system, bones, soft tissue, organs and immune system.

Any improvement in body function could be helpful to these children.

Down’s Syndrome

The children we see with Down’s Syndrome present with a wide variety of issues. Often due to the developmental difficulties with the bones of the face, palate and sinus they can have difficulties with sinus congestion and ear, nose and throat problems. The gentle techniques of Cranial Osteopathy work to try to free movement and function of the face bones which could help with this.

Down’s Syndrome kids often have other difficulties like neuro-developmental delay, spinal problems and thyroid problems along with developmental heart defects. In all these situations Osteopathy can be supportive to the children.

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