Osteopathy and Sport

At Clonmel Osteopaths we often treat sportsmen and women. Osteopathy is an ideal form of treatment in the recovery of sports injuries. Sports people put their bodies on the line regularly and are prone to a variety of injuries.

We often see top sports people referred by physiotherapists. These people often present with difficult injuries which are proving slow in recovering.

Sports injuries often have subtle wider effects spoiling the general alignment in the body, causing problems and weakness in other areas. For example, if someone strains an ankle in a particular way, the joint can remain somewhat out of alignment even when the ligaments and other soft tissues have recovered. This lack of alignment will lead to a tendency to re-strain the ankle, but also puts more pressure on the knee, hip and spine making the person prone to a wide variety of injuries.

After a detailed evaluation of function and postural biomechanics, the gentle realigning techniques employed by the Osteopaths can realign the body and improve overall function.

Sports people often report improved performance levels when their bodies are aligned.

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