Osteopathy Podcasts

Osteopathy Podcasts


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Introduction to Osteopathy.  In this podcast Ian speaks about Osteopathy, what it is and the different areas of how it can assist in getting back to health:

How does the Osteopathic Technique work? Ian discusses Osteopathic techniques and the areas in which they are used: 

Introduction to The Daisy Clinic – information on why the Daisy Clinic was set up and how we can help support you and your family:

This is the first of my series of podcasts on the senses. It focuses on the sense of smell:

Taste – the second in my series on the senses:




Vision – the third in my series on the senses:




Osteopathy and Learning Difficulties:


Osteopathy – hearing, balance and tinnitus:


This blog focuses on checking newborn babies:


Gut biome and brain development – how to maximise it:




 Care of the elderly – this podcast focuses on care for the elderly, including aftercare and anxiety:




Anxiety and Teenagers, understanding and regulating:




World Down Syndrome Day. Here at the Clinic we hold a special place in our hearts for our Down Syndrome clients. Please check out our Daisy Clinic for anyone who would like to attend. My Podcast deals with how we can help with your needs:

Help spread awareness by learning more about ASD:




 Postural Development in Children:




Improve your health through awareness and education about asthma:




Osteopathy, scoliosis and the development of the midline:

 Osteopathy – checking children at transitional stages:



Osteopathy and Dentistry, Orthodontics and Jaw Problems


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