Osteopathy & emotional stress/grief

We are always under a certain degree of stress. Small amounts of stress have actually been shown to be good for us – they help us to be more adaptable and perform better.

When stress levels build up too far, this becomes distress and starts to affect our emotional and physical well-being.

It is now well-documented how distress affects the body, from back pain, headaches, stomach and intestinal problems, to contributing to the disease process – the effects are wide.

Osteopaths are well-placed to help unwind these tensions as they build up in the body. We cannot take the stressors away, but we can help your body cope with the stress without it causing problems in the body.

Children suffering from the effects of stress

We see an increasing amount of children suffering from the effects of stress. Children nowadays are under increasing pressures – social, personal, school and the social media are heaping pressures on our children – and we see many children who are suffering from physical manifestations of this. For example, we see many children from 7-8 years old who are suffering a variety of symptoms, from anxiety to tummy upsets and headaches.

We see many children overwhelmed with exam pressure and terribly anxious.

Children often say to us they did not know how they would have got through those exams without a visit to us.


When we lose a loved one, there is a very natural and well-documented process of grief. There is a time of shock which gradually gives way to the grieving process.

Sometime the shock and grief are overwhelming and we can get stuck in these patterns which, if unchecked, can start to give emotional and physical symptoms.

We treat a lot of people to physically support them through this process, often as an accompaniment to bereavement counselling.


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