Who We See

Osteopathy could be supportive in the following conditions:


Children and Child-related

ASD, Dyspraxia, ADHD

Cerebral Palsy support

Development of posture in children

Ear issues, including Glue Ear

Feeding difficulties in babies

Fertility support, sub-fertility

Genetic conditions e.g. Down’s Syndrome etc. support

Immune support in young children and babies

Irritability, colic in babies

Newborn baby checks

Neurodevelopment and learning difficulties

Orthodontics and dental arch development

Pregnancy support

Reflux in babies

Respiratory issues and asthma in children

Scoliosis in children

Sensory issues in children

Sleepless babies

Stress and trauma in children and effects

Teenage transitions and behavioural issues

Tongue-tie support

Vaccination reactions and teething



Arthritis and inflammatory conditions

Back and neck and joint issues

Balance, Tinnitus and Menières gastrointestinal issues

Gynaecological issues

Headache and Craniofacial Pain Syndromes

Immune issues

Optimal performance for elite athletes

Postural maintenance and prevention of problems

Respiratory and cardiovascular issues

Sports injury rehabilitation

Stress, anxiety and depression

Support post-surgery



If you are unsure if Osteopathy is relevant to your condition please call and speak with Ian, Claire or Gina.