I feel better and am much happier

I have suffered with Meniere’s Disease for 24 years. Due to reasons unknown to the medical profession I went through episodes of Vertigo lasting long periods of time over the years. I was very sick during these periods and I had acute vertigo with spinning and vomiting episodes. I was unable to work or leave the house during that time. I was having injections of Stemital to help with the vomiting and balance.

In January of 2011 I was recommended to visit Ian Wright of Knocklofty Clinic. I went to see Ian and he told me he could help me but the process was not going to be a quick fix. He diagnosed a compression of the neck and that my temporal bone was locked, with my C1 in my neck was misaligned. This was the first time anyone had ever mentioned my neck in 24 years!!

At this point whilst I was skeptical, I was relieved he was so positive he knew he could help me. I started visiting Ian every week and took months before I saw a marked improvement. I continued to have attacks but not as frequent. By May of 2011 the attacks had slowed down, to this day I have been six months free of a vertigo attack, this has given me my life back. I can now even enjoy one of life’s delights…a glass of wine!!

I am still attending Ian’s clinic but now only once a month. I am walking everyday (in a straight line). My tinnitus has much improved, I look better, I feel better and am much happier. I am so glad I kept faith with Ian and feel I am where I should be at the age of 60.

He continues to work on my nervous system and I would highly recommend Ian to anyone to see can he give you back your life as he has mine.