Pretty amazing!

Since moving to Ireland in 2000, I have had the good fortune of experiencing a few very good alternative health practitioners, and Ian Wright of Clonmel Osteopaths, is most definitely one of them. Ian was recommended to me when it was suspected that my daughter, who was seven at the time, might have mild dyslexia. After a few visits to Ian, that problem completely disappeared.

Recently, I took my mother in law to see Ian, and when I was there, I asked if he could do anything for joint pain that I had had for a couple of years in my upper leg/groin area. The pain was pretty constant. Though I had gone to two bone specialists, who did help, the pain was still very present. Ian said, of course, he could help with that issue. At the start of my session with Ian, he could see right away that the leg in question turned the wrong way and there was an imbalance in my posture. After one session, the problem greatly improved, and after reassessment, when the session was over, Ian could see that there was improvement in my alignment/posture. There was great improvement after one session. Ian recommended at least one more session and I ended up having three sessions in total.

I also had a couple of other l issues, one gynaecological problem and other scar tissue discomfort, that I asked if he could help me with and he said he would. The method he uses is completely non invasive, a laying on of hands on various parts of the body, where needed and energy moves and heals (or something like that). It’s pretty amazing. At the start of my third session, Ian reassessed my joint/groin issue and saw that though it had improved, it was still there and it must have been a problem that started a while ago, much earlier than I had realised. He worked on that and again my other issues. The main problem, my joint/groin issue, has greatly improved, the pain is dramatically decreased, practically gone, a twinge now and then, but I’m hoping that with the recommended stretching and yoga it will only keep it improving.

Ian recommended exercises both to do and to avoid, and said if I came back every once in a while, it would be good to keep things healing. My other problems also improved a lot with the treatment. I am so happy with Ian’s work and highly recommend him! Can I add, that we are very fortunate to have Cranial Osteopaths here in Ireland, as I learned that there are none in my native USA. People have to fly to Europe to avail of them, we’re lucky here!

Thank you Clonmel Osteopaths!